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*To activate your account on this website, please call our office at (817) 483-7635 to set up a User ID and Password.

At this site you can have the freedom to access your account information. Day and night, you have access to your balance, portfolio holdings, account activity, order status, projected cash flow, brokerage account statements, trade confirmations and more.

Portfolio Review Features include:

  • Online documents - all statements, confirms, and tax documents (including 1099 statments) are available and can be printed anytime
  • Electonic delivery election - you can elect to turn off paper delivery of statements, confirms or both
  • Balances - view account balance information, including long and short market value, money market funds, cash available, and funds due
  • Portfolio holdings - review quality, price, percentage change, and market value of each security in an account
  • History - display up to two years of historical activity for an account and sort account data to view activity based on transaction type, symbol, or time period
  • Billsuite - your choice of Complete Bill Management or Bill Pay for secure and convenient online bill management and payment, for a low, monthly fee

In addition to the Portfolio Review, from this site you will be able to:

  • Access stock option, mutual fund, and index quotes
  • View interest rates, money fund rates, stock and option indices, commodity prices, and currency exchange rates with the rateboard
  • Create and save up to four model portfolios with up to 20 positions in each portfolio
  • Obtain the latest industry, economic, and market news by symbol
    Quickly find stock, options, and mutual fund symbols
  • Keep up with the market with a snapshot of the major market indices and view a listing of the top ten most active stocks
  • Learn the basics of smart investing from trusted industry resources

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