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On this page are various important insurance capabilities and concepts. Each one requires the advice of an insurance professional to assure that a client receives and understands exactly what he or she is getting. Therefore:

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Long-Term Care

Fortunately, there are still distinctive differences in the 'Value' offered from one Long-Term Care (LTC) policy to the next. Our objective is to determine which policy is the 'Best Value' for each client. We work with an independent vendor who has access to numerous LTC companies to find the best buy for you. Part of their routine analysis process is to provide a premium comparison spreadsheet for most proposal requests. You can help us by providing pre-qualification information and a clear understanding of what you would like to have in product design.

Term Insurance for Individuals and Enterprises

Buying term life insuance is about protecting the ones you love or protecting an enterprise against loss of a key person. We are here to answer all your questions, help you to choose the best policy to meet your needs, and to simplify the purchase process. In all cases, we conduct a comparative analysis of several companies to ensure you that you get the best value for you money. 

Travel and Medical Insurance

If you are planning on taking a trip and you need medical insurance to cover you while you are gone, plese click on the link below and fill out an application online to get the coverage you need! International Medical Group (IMG) has several different plans suited for your individual needs, including brochures you can download. Click here to access the IMG website.

Individual Health

If you are looking for individual health insurance and are wanting to get a quote online, we can refer you. Blue Cross Blue Shield is both a quality and reputable insurance company that will be able to give you an online quote, as well as allow you to fill out an application online. They will respond directly to the email given to them on the application. If you would like to get an online quote from Blue Cross, please click here, complete the form, submit it, and we will be in touch with you right away.

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