Your Retirement Plan Distribution Options

Accumulation of IRA and retirement assets is the first step in achieving confidence in your financial future. Proper distribution of those assets is equally, if not more important. A non-smoking man and his wife, both age 62, will statistically have another 30 years before the last one dies. There lies the need, at a minimum, to maintain the purchasing power of their accumulated assets.

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401(k) Plans

Plan fiduciaries must carefully document the processes they have followed in fulfilling their duties. A complete and detailed due diligence file will help illustrate the prudent steps you have taken in fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities.

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401(k) Plan Alternatives

Most small business owners think of a 401(k) plan when they set out to establish a pension plan.Although this might be a great fit, the menu of alternatives for small businesses has grown richer in recent years.Owners can choose the low-cost, low-maintenance Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan or a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE).

In addition, owners can maximize contributions with a Profit Sharing Plan and have close control with a Money-purchase plan.


The Tax Relief Act of 2001 enhanced many tax advantaged retirement products to help you bolster your retirement savings.Expanded contribution limits, increased rollover flexibility and catch-up provisions are only some of the benefits Congress enacted.In fact, this landmark legislation created an entirely NEW retirement option specifically for sole proprietors life yourself.

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